GROUP training

Our private studio space is set up for each small group session to be more personalized and specific allowing each participant to receive more individualized attention.  Most of our participants are former clients where we know their individual needs & injuries and recommend chatting with us before to see if individual sessions would be needed before starting group.  In talking with clients we were finding that people were looking for a place that they could feel a part of, recognized when they walked in a session and become part of a small community.  A place that welcomes, challenges and connects you with your goals while paying attention to detail to avoid injury.   We push you to make the most of your workouts and help you know how to know your limit and play within it. 

Group sessions are a max of 8-10 people per session giving you a much more individual & personalized train than being in a large group.  We use a variety of ‘toys’ (TRX, functional trainer, free weights & bars, sandbells, sandbags, battling ropes, kettlebells, agility ladders, plyo boxes just to name a few). 

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Fit Camp (Co-ed) with Judy

Looking for a full body workout?   This is an exciting and challenging workout that targets strength, agility, coordination and cardio. Get into tip-top shape by participating in a new circuit or physical challenge each week.  You will get anything from full body-weight workouts to personal challenges using gym equipment, timed challenge or a run around the block. We will always try to keep you guessing. If you do not like variety, this is not the session for you.  For intermediate to advanced level.



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“My reasons for starting to train with Judy were pretty typical at first.  I wanted to lose a bit of weight, tone up after having 2 children, improve my general health, etc.  In time, however...


Tanya Johnson

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"I would definitely recommend Judy as a personal trainer.  After having my first child and gaining 80lbs during my pregnancy I found it very hard to lose the weight. I was back at the gym exercising 4 to 5 times a week but couldn't seem to lose a pound...


Kelsey Kirk

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