Group Training sessions run every week on Monday & Wednesday nights at 6:00 pm (intermediate to advanced) as scheduled unless a stat holiday. Regular group sessions can be purchased as a '10 session pack' for $130 and allow you to pre-book the sessions you want.  $16 drop-ins are also available.  First session is always free.  All bookings (including your first complimentary class) are done online but make sure to sign up early to ensure your spot.  

We keep our group sessions to a maximum of 8-10 people to ensure your safety and for more individualized attention.  Our present Monday & Wednesday classes are geared more for intermediate to advanced and not recommended for beginners.  We strongly suggest to begin your workout journey with personalized sessions that can lead to group training.  Call us for more details.

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Effective Sept 1st, 2018 

No Classes the week of Dec 24th.  Classes will resume on Wed, Jan 2nd.

**All sessions must be booked online in advance. Download the 'Mindbody' app on your phone for easy booking**

Mondays - 6:00 pm - Fit Camp (Co-ed) with Judy (intermediate to advanced - not recommended for beginners).  

Wednesdays - 6:00 pm - Fit Camp (Co-ed) with Judy (intermediate to advanced - not recommended for beginners).  



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“My reasons for starting to train with Judy were pretty typical at first.  I wanted to lose a bit of weight, tone up after having 2 children, improve my general health, etc.  In time, however...


Tanya Johnson

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"Having found myself very suddenly and prematurely facing all the challenges of menopause, I searched around for some resources and support to help me begin the various transitions this stage of life requires.  Among the most...


Adele Phillips

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